An Introduction to Yoga



Lecture I. The Nature of Yoga

The Meaning of the Universe

The Unfolding of Consciousness

The Oneness of the Self

The Quickening of the Process of Self-Unfoldment

Yoga is a Science

Man a Duality

States of Mind


The Literature of Yoga

Some Definitions

God Without and God Within

Changes of Consciousness and Vibrations of Matter


Stages of Mind

Inward and Outward-turned Consciousness

The Cloud

Lecture II. Schools of Thought

Its Relation to Indian Philosophies


The Mental Body

Mind and Self

Lecture III. Yoga as Science

Methods of Yoga

To the Self by the Self

To the Self through the Not-Self

Yoga and Morality

Composition of States of the Mind

Pleasure and Pain

Lecture IV. Yoga as Practice

Inhibition of States of Mind

Meditation with and without Seed

The Use of Mantras


Obstacles to Yoga

Capacities for Yoga

Forthgoing and Returning

Purification of Bodies

Dwellers on the Threshold

Preparation for Yoga

The End