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Time to upgrade Sanat's World News. What started out as a collection of headlines about religious and science news turned into a placeholder for's headlines -- and I put the site to bed for a couple of years.

Due to the continued religious violence taking over the headlines, and the lack of quality which the editors at Moreover select articles to link to (do they ever actually read them?), I have decided once again to put some energy into this site.

The site will be undergoing changes in the next few weeks as I alter the features and look. Hope you enjoy!


Contact: Lyle J. Noorlun, Los Angeles, CA 888-339-3524

PROMOTING PEACE - Re-building Noah’s Ark
The World Peace Flag Organization is a US 501 Non Profit Organization, located in Playa Vista, CA. Is was established in 1996 for the purpose of raising funds to help feed and house the homeless. The Organization gives to its supports a gift of the “1st 2nd “3rd or 4th N 10” Peace Flag(s) which is in a series of l0 annual World Peace Flags. The first years Flag, completed in 1996, is a colorful piece of art with 100 Countries Flags on one side and 97 Countries Flags on the other. The flags of each country are in order on the flag the way they march out of the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympics. The“2nd in 10” , completed in 2003 Peace Flag contains 193 Countries Flags all on one side of which was compiled by the CIA. The “3rd N 10” annual Peace Flag, contains the 5 colors of the Human Family and simply states in large letters “PEACE”. Our just released “4th N 10’ Is the World surrounded by all the religious symbols of our Human Family. Over the next 6 years 6 more annual flags will be selected. At the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which of the 10 annual flags will become the International Flag of Peace for the Human Family by the Human Family. The flags are educational tools which teach geography, peace and love. Also, available is the new Organizations logo pictured above on buttons, T-shirts, bumper stickers, baseball caps and the like and/or annual flag designs. The Organization has a web site at If you, your school or Organization have a design for a Peace Flag the Organization is actively looking for its “5th in 10” annual World Peace Flag which will be selected by the Selections Committee December 2006. Send your suggestions to
It is the short term goal of the Non-Profit Organization to re-build a replica of Noah’s Ark which will be surrounded by a Renaissance Theme Park with all the profits to help in its mission. Additionally, a parade Float will be entered into the 2006 Hollywood Christmas, Martin Luther King and the 1-01-07 Rose Bowl Parades. The By-Laws of the Organization limit any one person salary to be no more than $500.00 US a week. The Ark will be approximately a football field and a half long by 85 feet high by 100 feet wide with three level and the top will be used as a restaurant and/or a concert area for plays and music. It will be built out of a plastic type material and is expected to last 1,000 or more years.
The Organization is happy to announce that it has implemented a “Shopping for Peace” Fund Raising Program known on the Internet as Two-tier Affiliate Program whereas other Non-Profit Organization or Individuals can receive up to 20% of the Gross Sales Price on 1,000’s of peace and every day item’s by simply linking web sites one time. Additionally, if a web browser becomes an Affiliate from your web site you or your Organization receive up to 5% of the GROSS SALES from their web site. A WIN-WIN opportunity. The supporting Organization does not have to do anything more than to link their site via the Affiliate Program. was the first to implement such a sharing of the profits program with great success several years ago. Image receiving passive income for a least 6 more years by simply linking web sites one time. There is currently no cost to join this program. After linking sites the Organization teaches the Affiliates how to market on the Internet and is currently providing information on how to obtain $195.00 of marketing software free. If a non-profit wants to distribute items on a face to face basic a consignment agreement is available. Visit their web site for the “Angel Posse Peace Pin Program’ for more fundraising ideas whereas children can help raise funds for their special projects with “Peace Angels”.
All moneys for the Organization are held in a secured merchant service account. Distributions of profits are paid to Affiliates and the balance will be distributed to Countries based upon population percentages. As an example, say the total population of Australia was 10% of the World population. Any established and accredited charitable organization (s) in Australia would receive 10% of the total profits. Each time an order is placed by an Affiliates Link they will receive 40 % of the adjusted gross profits on each item and 10% of their sub-affiliates efforts. A sponsor can make a contribution at the web site and have an item sent as a gift to another person with a card enclosed to state the reason for the gift such as; Happy Holiday, or Happy Birthday etc The Flags are all considered a “Piece of Art” that is a magnificent reminder that we all share collectively in the responsibilities of the World.
The Organization has for its spokespersons Brian Cranston from the hit TV Comedy series “Malcolm in the Middle,” Susan Hoffman, Mrs. International, Bryan Dattilo, star of NBC TV, “Days of Our Lives” and Sabryn Genet, star of CBS TV “The Young and the Restless. The World Peace Flag Organization was created so people will have an opportunity to reach out and give to the less fortunate. The goals of the Organization are to not only help feed and house the homeless but to give them a sense of dignity by teaching them to provide for themselves. Mr. Noorlun states we have the resources and knowledge to eliminate World Hunger. By eliminating hunger we will consequently eliminate most reasons for WAR. Together we can and are making a World of Difference! For a full bio on Mr. Noorlun see "Chicken Soup" news at
Help others & earn income!!
“ Shop for Peace”- Complementary to join
Help re-build “Noah’s Ark”

PEACE Thru Fundraising
1. Creating International Flag of Peace over a 10 year period with 10 annual flags, for the Human Family by the Human Families vote. Mission to Promote Peace - help feed, house and provide clean drinking for those in need. A 501 US Non-Profit since 1996 Help us help others…. All volunteer team - when salaries to begin, our By-laws state no one person will receive more that $500 US per week. At the end of 10 years the Human Family votes to see which annual peace flag become International Flag of Peace.
***ALL NEW (2-01-06) Fundraiser for other Non-Profits and/OR Entrepreneurs via two-tier Affiliate Shopping Program promoting thousands of peace and consumer products. “Web-link only once” earn 15 to 20% commission of gross sales for you or your project and 3 to 5% of your Sub-Affiliates sales. Consignments to Non-Profits also available.

2. Help re-build exact replica of ‘NOAHS ARK’ with Renaissance Theme Park. GRANTS, seed money contributions also appreciated.

3. Help build Noah’s Ark Float for CA Rose Bowl Jan 1, 2007, Dec 2006 Hollywood, and Feb 2007 Martin Luther King Parades (1 float 3 parades) – Sponsorship endorsement of between $160,000 - $300.000 (animated) available.
“Together we are making a World of difference!!!”
Volunteers appreciated!!!
“Help create Departments(s) of Peace”
Visit To WIN COMPLEMENTARY PEACE FLAG & earn passive income promoting peace & other merchandize. Click ORDER MERCHANDIZE and both Affiliate links to join and/or order.
No cost to you!!!
Visit for full detail on Ark and EBOOK: “CHICKEN SOUP – feeding World Hunger” by: L. Noorlun, Founder-WPFO
PO 9161, Marina del Rey, CA 90296
US Toll free 1-888-339-FLAG
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Peace & Joy,
Lyle J. Noorlun, Founder